LEGO2NANO - A summer school that teaches nanotechnology

LEGO2NANO brought students, experienced makers, and scientists together to work on building a cheap and effective AFM, a device that probes objects only a nanometer in size. The design brief for the student teams consisted of building a functional nanoscope using only LEGOs, Arduino microcontrollers, 3D-printed parts, and consumer electronics. It took just five days for my student team to demonstrate the scanning functionality of our AFM, earning us the award for Best Technical Design.

As the youngest organizer and technical supporter in LEGO2NANO, I worked with Ph.D. students from UCL and Beijing University on the development of our AFM (Atomic Force Microscope). In just one week, I successfully put together a working prototype built with two other co-workers. I designed the Piezo Motor Stage for the core module of the AFM with another high school student and made a video presentation.