Cino Creative Collective

Cino is an award winning creative collective of designers with the aim to develop visionary communication projects.

By the advice from my friend Liu who was studying Graphic Design in Tsinghua Art School, I founded Cino Design Studio in 2013 focusing on web, graphics and product design. Till now, Cino had helped dozens of companies on design.

To me,

I want to be a painter. Firstly, painting gives me ecstasy, so great that I would spend days in front my computer. Round the clock, the ecstasy would come to the climax when I complete the work after weeks of efforts. Though I have a general goal before I start, the creation process will always take me to somewhere unexpected. When I draw 3D images with my computer, I feel the entire world awaits my orders; my thoughts and imagination are roaring as soon as I click on the "Render" button. The whole creation experience is what I seek, and I think the infinite possibility and autonomy of drawing seem too good for human beings. This is what, at least, I have found.