Since high school, I have been driven by an intrinsic motivation to create meaningful and unique things. I wanted to solve problems and bring productive change to the world. This desire manifested in my founding multiple start-ups. However, I came to realize how difficult it is to build a company from scratch. The process of finding business partners with similar interests was especially challenging. Eager tosolve this pressing problem, I founded Partnerio in September 2014 with some colleagues, a start-up that seeks to match entrepreneurs with compatible collaborators.

See the Website

Version One.

In the first version of Partnerio's website, we build a platform helping people find insterested projects and people. The website is clean, and easy to use, but also has the problem: it can not make people stay in the site.

Version Two.

In the second version, the site turns to a community, a community makes students to discuss the ideas, find interested projects and activities.

The team.

Partnerio was started by a group of enthusiastic people who see things differently. In Partnerio Medeia Project, we achieved 10,000 followers in two months, and the original articles posted online achieved 800,000 total views. The impacts on student groups by Partnerio is emerging.